A new experience in
Agile World!
A new experience in Agile World!

Discover a new voting system for your Poker Planning, with fun and innovative features. And it's mobile first!

Poker Planning
VS Room

When there is no consensus, enter into the VS Room to start a debate between the lowest and the highest votes.

Set a goal for your estimation session with a target number of points to reach. Poker-Fight will visualise the team's progress towards the goal during the planning session.

Points Achieved
Coffee Time

It's coffee time! Let participants ask for a coffee break when focus and energy is getting low. Triggered as soon as the majority of participants asks for a break!

Need to accelerate the discussion? Hit the speedometer and make the team pick up the pace.

Speed Up

This application is Open Source and developed by 5th Floor teams. Discover the full story [here].

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